It can be really frustrating watching scrap pile up and accumulate in and around your property. It gives us a helpless feeling when it gets to overwhelming proportions, and many people give up and let it pile away. Well, you need to know that this doesn’t need to be your story! Get in touch with us right now, and we’ll take up the battle against scrap for you, once and for all!


College Dudes Help U Move specializes in residential & commercial projects and we offer a junk removal service unlike any other. We know how tough it is to keep up with the rest of our daily lives and finding the time to get rid of all our old junk usually doesn’t come first. Knowing that an experienced, fully licensed and insured company is handling this for you can give you that piece of mind that you need.

We are available to handle all your junk removal needs from either your home or business. Whether you’re throwing out old furniture, doing some remodeling, or cleaning out that mess in your garage, our junk removal service can help you get it all done. So point to the mess and we’ll take care of the rest! We even sweep up afterward!

No matter how big or small the job, the team at College Dudes Help U Move is ready to take it on. Nothing phases us! We’ve pretty much seen it all and know exactly how to handle each job we take.

junk removal

junk removal