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Packing and unpacking your things

Packing and unpacking your things can be the most tiresome part of moving into a different home. To reduce your stress, here are some packing tips that can help you ease your job.

1. Pack early.

Packing needs some time. If your house has many rooms and things, you need to start packing your things at least a month before your move. Packing early will enable you to be more organized and your things to be more secured.

2. Declutter.

Admit it. Not everything in your closet is really used by you. The same goes for the things of your family members. Let go of these things! As you move into a different home, you have to let go of some stuff as well. Separate the things you no longer use and put them safely in a box. You can either have a garage sale or simply donate your stuff to those who need them most.

3. Pack your things accordingly.

Packing your things must be done with a plan. You must not dump anything and everything inside the box if you want to save yourself from more problems. Instead, group the itemthingsnding on who owns them, their use or function and/or which room is it from. This way, it would be easier for you to find your things especially when it’s time for you to rearrange them into your new home.

4. Label as you pack.

Never forget to put a label on the boxes that you have packed. Write clearly the items that the boxes contain to save yourself from further trouble.

5. Keep a list of all your packages and their contents.

Labeling is not enough. You need to have a complete list of your boxes and the things that they contain inside. Aside from being able to keep everything organized, keeping a list will help you check and make sure that you have brought everything you need to bring with you.

6. Put the heavy things at the bottom of the box.

It’s a common sense but still it’s a worthy reminder to pack your heavy items first before the lighter ones. This way you can prevent your things from getting crushed and broken.

7. Pack only as much as you can carry.

Choose the box that can hold your things appropriately. You must not only consider the size but also the weight of what you are putting inside the box. Be sure that each boxes can be carried by you or your family members. You wouldn’t want to have an aching spine from carrying the weight that is more than what you can.

8. Fill in the gaps.

As much as possible, make sure to fill in the gaps between the items inside your box. You can place materials that are soft such as fabrics to close the space in between your things. This way you can be sure that your stuff will remain in tact inside the box no matter how rough the road or ride may be.

9. Don’t bring with you hazardous materials.

Hazardous materials can be: boxes of paint, cleaning products containing bleach, pesticides, asbestos, batteries, and fluorescent tubes. You have to dispose these materials. Most moving companies do not allow hazardous materials to be included in the items you will make them move. If you will not take the aid of a moving company and you really need to include these materials in your move, store them in different boxes and wrap them up with packing paper. Be sure to eliminate spaces between the box and your hazardous material. Do not store them near each other and place them in an area where you can have easy access to these packages just in case they need to be eliminated. Also never forget to put label on the box.

10. Partner with a moving company that you can trust.

Choosing a moving company that will take care of your things requires great trust. They will be the one who will carry your boxes from your old home to your new one. Thus, be sure to check the reviews of the moving company before you decide whether to take their service or not. Furthermore, read their rules, regulations, and accountabilities just in case something inappropriate happens and learn your responsibilities as well. Most of all, communication and coordination is very important too so that your needs and expectations can be both identified and met.

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